De Novo focuses on measured outcomes, which is verified by our client retention rate––some of whom have retained us for over 20 years. 

Proven results


Beyond creativity and execution is innovation. In the following case studies, we developed and applied learnings from a new customer acquisition to inventing a transformational approach to collections.


This use case underscores De Novo’s adaptability and entrepreneurial culture in response to client needs.

De Novo was retained over a three-year engagement to optimize the profitability of More Th>n Insurance, a subsidiary of RSA Insurance.

Key initiatives:

  • Recruitment and training of an analytics team 
  • Provide leadership to interim management until a full-time management director was hired
  • Recompose the media mix to improve yield and reduce reliance of lead generators
  • Implement operational efficiencies and effectiveness for internal and supply chain support
  • Develop new channels and roots to market including direct mail and affinity channels
  • Develop a market segmentation strategy based on behavioral and attitudinal data and research
  • Develop a single-stage marketing program to increase penetration of lead flow and win-back policyholders


  • Accelerated growth without distracting client’s core team and results
  • Derisked the business and better positioned the company for increased enterprise value
  • Increased response with lapsed policyholders and prior enquires by 1200%
  • Self-liquidated our fees and provided a 5x return on our costs within 18 months